ECO-OSU Minutes

Attendance: 19

  • Welcome newbies!
    • New officers
      • Brittney Melton, President
      • Dawson Metcalf, Vice-President
      • Morgan Hopkins, Treasurer
      • Rachel Benbrook, Secretary
      • Mallory Ross, Advertising Coordinator
      • Alexa Healey, Earth Week Coordinator
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Rachel Branch, SGA Sustainability Chair
    • They are responsible for
      •  Tailgate Recycling
        • each game this semester has set a new record!!!     
        • Real Pokes Pass it on
        • Adopt-a-Bin
  • “You CAN Do It!” on Labor Day weekend went great!
  • Tailgate Recycling at Football game this Saturday with SGA Sustainability!
    • Meet in the parking lot on the north side of Gallagher-Iba at 1:00pm (by the Bullet statue and the Wrestling Hall of Fame)
    • Meet back at same location after the game to collect and sort
    • Call Rachel Branch, Sustainability Committee Chair for help  or if lost! 405.315.3830
  • ECO-OSU Website
    • Fall Event Schedule

Coming up in September:

  • Next Week
    • Thursday, September 23rd, Farmer’s Market on campus! 10am-3pm on top floor of Student Union parking garage.
    • Future dates:
      • October 7
      • October 21
  • September 22 Co-tabling with Crazy Hats Tie-Dye on Library Lawn, 10am-3pm
    • Will donate 10% of profits to ECO-OSU
    • Volunteers?
  • September 26 Airport Road Recycling Drop-off Clean up! Sunday, 3pm
  • September 30 No meeting- Enjoy the Thursday night football game! Help SGA!

Other up-coming semester events:

(Full event calendar at

  • October is Energy Awareness Month
  • Bluegrass Festival in Guthrie, weekend of October 2
  • OSU Energy Managers to speak in meeting, October 14
  • Homecoming Parade, October 23
  • ECO-Film Series
    • Addicted to Plastic
    • Suggestions welcome!
  • America Recycles Day- Airport Road Recycling Center Clean-up, Monday November 15
  • *Dr. Warren Sapp- 70-90 minute presentation on the effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and what is (or isn’t) being done.
    • TBA


  • Dues: $20 + ECO-OSU organic cotton t-shirt
  • Members are required, at minimum, to attend three (3) events per semester.
  • Secretary will keep track of attendance/absences

*2010-2011 Initiatives and Speakers

  • Be thinking about and observing what has been overlooked on our campus and what ECO-OSU wants to see change or happen.
    • Statuses of projects in progress?
    • New projects
    • Bills through SGA
    • What guest speakers would you like to have this year?



Next Meeting is October 14 at 5pm. Have a great week! Email with anything!


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