ECO-OSU Minutes

Attendance: 9


  • GUEST SPEAKER: Jenny Gilliland – OSU Energy Manager
  • with any concerns or questions!


  • Crazy Hat Tie-Dye - $126
  • Recycling Drop-off Clean-up went great

Coming up!

October is Energy Awareness Month

  • 350 – This SUNDAY October 10,  4-6pm  
    • OKSprout Community Garden
    • 1023 E. Will Rogers Drive, behind the Church of Nazarene (NE)
    • If you can, bring some food to share at the event, and/or some healthy, nonperishable foods to donate to local food pantries.
    • This event is open to everyone! Invite your friends and please join us in participating at this global work party, which is one of over 5,600 environmental stewardship events in 183 countries happening on October 10th.
    • Bring your favorite gardening tools, and if you're able, dress prepared to garden!
    • Hosted by Sustainable Stillwater
    • Mid-October- University Dining Services is launching a reusable                         cup/mug mid-October with discounted prices on                         campus- keep you posted.
    • October 20- SGA Sustainability guest speaker Whitney Pearson                         from The Sierra Club is speaking on their program                         Beyond Coal and we have been invited
      • Wednesday @ 5pm in CLB 119
    • October 23- HOMECOMING Parade! (ride/walk/skip/skooter)
      • Takers?!  Dawson, Blake, James Powers, Morgan, Bailey, Kaitlyn Haase
      • Sustainable Stillwater, Cheryl Baker


  • October 28- Guest Speaker: Jane Talkington
    • Environmental Science and Sustainability Professor, PhD Student
    • Attending the Association for Advancement for Sustainibility in Higher Education (AASHE) in Colorado this weekend
    • Relaying to us what she learned
    • November- Addicted to Plastic Screening
    • November- Tar Creek Screening with Matt Myers


  • Dues: $20 + ECO-OSU organic cotton t-shirt
  • Members are required, at minimum, to attend three (3) events per semester.

*2010-2011 Initiatives and Speakers

  • Be thinking about and observing what has been overlooked on our campus and what ECO-OSU wants to see change or happen.
    • Statuses of projects in progress?
    • New projects
    • Bills through SGA
    • What guest speakers would you like to have this year?
      • Phonebooks in Res Halls



Next Meeting is October 28 at 5pm. Have a great week! Email with anything!



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