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Attendance: 15


  • GUEST SPEAKER: Jane Talkington, PhD Student in Sustainability and Environmental Science, OSU Sustainability Professor
    • TOPIC: What she took away from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference


  • Homecoming Parade was a blast! Wore green cowboy hats!
  • SGA Tailgate Recycling collected 102 bags of aluminum cans
  • University Dining Services launched the reusable mug in dining areas for $7.25

   Feedback? Possibly bigger to wash, no handles, coffee fee instead of 25 cents off-based on coffee price

  • Whitney Pearson with Sierra Club spoke in SGA Sustainability meeting last week on their Beyond Coal Campaign.

   Blake and Dawson explain

   80% comes OG&E, 20% from steam

   Library lawn-Nov. 11th pinwheels


   Just a shirt = $15       Dues + Shirt = $20

  • Green Student Initiative
    • See attached
    • Blake and Dawson explain
  • Stadium lights
    • Have received feedback from Athletics Energy Manager
    • Energy Conservation Program actually started in athletics and spiraled out
    • Apparently there has been no resistance with stadium lights
    • Read quote from the Assistant Athletic Director on day-to-day operations:

“Stadium lights are only on when the area is being used for events in the stadium. Of course before a TV game we will have minimum lighting on for TV and security, this comes as a request from the TV crews. We bring on the lights to full bright at approx. 1 hour before kickoff this is to ensure that all light towers come ON, we have had issues in the past where a wire has burnt off and we had to work over a panel just to get a tower up and running.  Full power is on to the towers until approx 1 hour after the game, this lets everyone clear the stadium, TV crews clear all their equipment from the field, as well as trainers and field personal.

After all gates are shut, we go to less than half towers, this is to allow the cleaning crew to do their work.  This task takes all night and usually into the next night, again at Half towers. 

The Cowboys practice sometimes at 8:00 at night and will run to around 10:00 pm. And after practice, again the field crews work on getting all equipment put away.  The fields are groomed several times a week, usually after practice the night before a game.

Also the marching band comes into the stadium and practices as well. About a week before the first game we have cleaning crews doing pre-clean, we have seat crews installing all the orange seating, this take approx. 2 weeks to complete. We have been doing many welding projects in the stadium this year, broken brackets, rails, modifications, etc. 

Lights are not just left on in the stadium. Lights under the stands are safety lights, these are left on for security, we have over 100 cameras, and they need light to function. These lights go all the way up to the suite level.  All around the stadium.  The stadium hosts many different events from company picnics to games down on the field, as well as other visiting teams passing through Stillwater use our facility.  Parking lot lights on the North are turned on only for events.  Streetlights are not controlled by Athletics.    

Gallagher Iba is also a host to many events, not just sports, many events take place on the concourse level, and O-Club, again lights are only on when needed.

I know people drive by and see lights on at strange hours.  If you come by this week at odd hours you will see the concourse lights on all week.  Our crews are stripping and waxing the entire concourse level. The only exterior lights that are on nightly is near the Academic center, this is due to students and professors coming and going up until 11:00pm 7 days a week.

Our basketball teams practice daily and nightly as well as our pom and cheer team. We strive to keep all the lights off we can, we sometimes get called down for not having lights on.  So we can’t win sometimes. But Coach Holder wants us to keep the lights off and continue to save energy, and save money.

So please know.  NO Lights are just left on.  If they are ON, they are ON for a reason. We do our best to keep them off.”

  • Are they scheduling things proactively during daylight hours or are they being reactive to the way things are scheduled and keeping lights on for night events?
  • Feedback?? Changing to energy efficient light bulbs, motion sensors for inside

Coming up

October is Energy Awareness Month

  • Last Farmer’s Market was today!

Feedback?-every other Saturday in town

  • This Saturday, October 30, 8am-1pm- City of Stillwater’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event at Convenience Collection Center, 870 S. Perkins Road
  • Habitat for Humanity-free metal recycling
  • November 15, Monday at 5pm- Honor America Recycles Day by cleaning up our Recycling Drop-off Site

   FREE Day Pass for Students ($95/day value)

   ^ In exchange for working a 2-hour shift at the OSU booth at the forum (if spots still open)

   Can attend Tuesday or Wednesday or BOTH

   Buses (most likely) available to OKC and back

   Only coming to OK in the USA on its world tour because OK is 1 of 12 Creativity Districts worldwide.

   Creativity plays a big role in convincing others to lead a sustainable life through creative processes, products, services, and marketing.

   Look at for full list of incredible speakers

   Contact Melanie Page if interested (spots limited)

  • November 18, 7-10pm Tar Creek Screening
  • BAR RECYCLING- In contact with the guy at KU that made it happen, keep you posted and get ready to work.
  • Collecting Phonebooks from Residential Halls- Kyle Buthod is on it, awaiting update.
  • Student Union LEED Designer as a guest speaker???  YES!!!


  • Dues: $20 + ECO-OSU organic cotton t-shirt
  • Members are required, at minimum, to attend three (3) events per semester.


*2010-2011 Initiatives and Speakers

  • Be thinking about and observing what has been overlooked on our campus and what ECO-OSU wants to see change or happen.
    • Statuses of projects in progress?
    • New projects
    • Bills through SGA
    • What guest speakers would you like to hear from next?

PEPSICO???  Other schools or just us?



Next Meeting is November 11 at 5pm. Have a great week! Email with anything!


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