ECO-OSU Minutes

Attendance: 15

Activityyy! Making pinwheels to show our campus wants less dependence on coal and more focus on cleaner energy. FUN, made 24 big pinwheels!

Why we are making pinwheels:

How to make a pinwheel:

Recap- what’s happened.

  • Guest speaker last meeting: Jane Talkington to speak about the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education


  • SGA Tailgate Recycling collected 35 bags at Baylor game (stupid 11:30 games)


You asked about…

  • Pepsi Dream Machines
    • Physical Plant Director and Chief Facilities Officer, Rick Krysiack, was responsible for initial contact with Pepsico and carried the idea through administration.
    • Program is working great, university is averaging about 1.2 tons of plastic/month since inception (that’s about 40-45 thousand bottles collected each month through kiosks and bins)
    • Solar Compactors
      • Physical Plant is responsible for the implementation of and maintenance.
      • Chosen from a laundry list of possible bin types. Currently 6 sets are in operation. The goal will be to review their functionality and fit before making a final decision of adding more like units.


    • Just a shirt = $15       Dues + Shirt = $20
    • Green Student Initiative (See attached)
      • ECO-OSU needs to propose an initiative, be thinking!
      • Applications DUE: January 28, 2010 (soon)
      • Possibilities
        • Bar recycling
        • Physical plant’s tri-generationà close the circuità greenhouse- heat and water it. Educational. Daniel Farris (EM).



Tomorrow OSU-OKC Go Green + ECO-OSU + SGA-S are meeting at Joe’s at 1pm to discuss past projects and future ideas. Join if you can!

November 15 (This Monday) America Recycle’s Day!

Airport Road Recycling drop-off clean up @ 5pm!

November 16-17 (This Tues/Wed) Creativity World Forum


November 18 (This Thursday) Tabling with pinwheels to support the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign’s National Action for a Clean Energy Future.

  • 11am-2pm, Utoo.
  • Peeps- Amy, Blake, Brittney, Dawson, Blake
  • Petition with broad statement w/pic of windmills à B.Hargis
  • Energy manager coming to table at noon to discuss facts/options!
  • Tour the powerplant- 2:30?


November 18 (This Thursday) Tar Creek Screening! ARCH 170, 7-9pm -  -Co-host with Native American Student Association 

Phonebooks from Res Halls: good to go!

-Need event date…TBA…


Christmas Party! Roy Degler’s (our advisor) Geo-thermal house! (TBA)


Student Union LEED Designer for guest speaker, hopefully December 2 meeting.



Dues: $20 + ECO-OSU organic cotton t-shirt

Members are required, at minimum, to attend three (3) events per semester.


*2010-2011 Initiatives and Speakers 

Be thinking about and observing what has been overlooked on our campus and what ECO-OSU wants to see change or happen.



Oklahoma State University Green Student Initiative

Application Form


Due Date:  Friday, January 28, 2011

Notification of funding will take place on or before March 1, 2011. Please complete all sections of the application, and turn into the SGA Office in 022 CLB by 5pm.


1.  Name and contact information of person(s) submitting proposal.       

            a.             Name:                                                                                                



            b.            Name:                                                                                                



c.            Name:                                                                                                




2.  Student organization or academic department sponsoring proposal.


            Faculty Advisor:                                                                                            


            Department Head (if applicable):                                                               



3.  Title of Proposal:                                                                                                       


4.  Amount of funding requested (maximum $8,000): $                                         


5.  Create a budget for your idea, breaking down the costs and how you plan to spend the allocated funds (can be done in a table or Excel file). 


6. Write a paper describing your idea, why it would be beneficial to Oklahoma State University, and how it would improve sustainability or increase environmental awareness.  Include details about how you would implement the program, and how you plan to ensure the longevity of your program.  No more than 2 pages single-spaced.




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