ECO-OSU Meeting

February 10, 2011

Attendance: 12

    • Need small group discussion leaders for “Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma!” Series
    • OK Association of Environmental Education Expo
  • Film Screening!
    • Thursday February 17, 6pm in the Auditorium of the Architecture Building-170
  • Student Union Project
    • Marketing/Brand = LEED certification and recycling initiative
    • Interested? Talk to Morgan Hopkins -
  • Udall Foundation Scholarhsip
    • $5,000 scholarships to sophomore and junior undergrads with a demonstrated commitment to solving environmental issues through policy, science (hard and soft), engineering, architecture, economics, the arts, or any other discipline. 
    • Attend orientation and are immediately plugged into a growing and active alumni network
    • Application Deadline: November, 2011…for 2012
    • to learn about OSU’s campus rep
  • Lake McMertury Development
    • No new information but news to come!
  • SGA Green Student Initiative
    • We are a finalist!!
    • Presentations on Thursday February 24 at the OSU Green Student Initiative Proposal Symposium 
    • Proposals will be judged on their feasibility, creativity, scope of impact, longevity, project duration and timeline, and any possible payback or savings.
  • Earth Fest and Earth Week 2011 Planning
    • Coordinator Positions available:
      • Fundraising
      • ECO-ACTivities (eco fashion/art/design display)
      • Food & Beverage
      • Eco-Booth
      • Advertising-Kaitlin Haase
      • Coordinator meeting: February 15th, Tuesday at 5pm, location: TBA
    • 41st Earth Fest on OSU campus
    • Themes?  A.L.L. Together-Awareness for Living Longer-Blake Parks
    • Earth Week Ideas?
      • Apparel Design Showcase Competition
      • Graphic Design
      • Art Department
        • April 8-Megan Lawson (  Recreation in the National Environment Class project-“Back to the Roots”-promote local bands, Naked Earth & bluegrass concert-publicity?anything on the flyer.  She wants to work with us on the project & it would be good for publicity
        • Finger Painting Canvas-Bailey
  • Environmental Conservation & Sustainability Course Trip in Costa Rica
  • Sustainable Energy Panel
    • Tuesday, Feb. 22nd @ 3pm in Jones Conference Room of the Conoco Phillips Alumni Center
  • Airport Road Recycling drop-off site signage
      • The problem: Contamination of recycling drop-off sites is a large existing problem and allows for mass amounts of recyclable materials to be improperly disposed of. We believe the people bringing the recyclables, want to do it right or they wouldn’t be doing it. Our goal is to better notify the citizens in a fun and simple manner. Currently the signage on the containers are confusing and often inconsistent, we want to reverse that. 
      • We’ve been given permission to develop a plan (color scheme, wording, etc.) to be presented to Allied Waste and the City of Stillwater. If they approve it, then we will have a big fun project ahead!
      • Ideas? 


  • Dues: $20 + ECO-OSU organic cotton t-shirt
  • Members are required, at minimum, to attend three (3) events per semester. 
  • Secretary will keep track of attendance/absences 

For Sale

  • Bumper Stickers $3
  • Portable Coffee Mugs (discounts at Aspen and Daily Grind) $6
  • Shirts
  • Really thin organic = brown with yellow lettering and green with brown lettering $20
  • Alternative Apparel Organic = deep blue with black lettering $15
  • Organic cotton = orange with black lettering and natural with black lettering $15

NEXT MEETING: February 24 at 5:00pm in CLB 122!


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