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International Student Leaders (iSL)


As the umbrella organization for more than 20 area clubs, the International Student Organization (iSo) is in constant contact with the committee members of its area clubs. These committee members are all graduate and undergraduate international students from different countries who try to showcase their culture to OSU and Stillwater community by organizing various cultural and alethic events. The International Student Leaders (iSL) program at OSU helps to recognize, coach, and organize the student leaders of the active area clubs under iSo



-         Empower the student leaders for dealing with different situations and circumstances and to expand their capabilities to be able to handle the challenges and responsibilities of a leader in a global society.

-         Build a stronger relationship among these leaders and on-campus leading organization such as iSo, ISS, and Campus Life.

-         Helps these leaders to develop ideas for their own leadership experience.

-         Recognize the achievements of these student leaders and encourage more participation.


Target audience:

-         The leadership team (president, vice-president, president interns, vice-president intern) of active area clubs under iSo.


Impact on OSU community:

-         Improving the performance of area clubs through empowering their leadership team.

-         Training leaders who can proactively take initiatives to make productive, beneficial choices about their lives and organizations as well as contribute to society.

-         Greater integration of international leaders with other leadership programs at OSU.


Length of the program:

3 sessions per semester. Tentative dates for spring 2016 are:

-         Wednesday, January 27

-         Wednesday, February 24

-         Wednesday, March 30


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