Oklahoma State University
Nepalese Student Organization

Nepalese Students Association (NSA) at Oklahoma State University (OSU) is an organization formed in the year 2002. Since then, it is working for establishing the better relationship among Nepalese and other students at OSU, U.S and around the world. NSA organizes friendly gatherings, sports activities and also participates in various events organized by International Student Organisation (ISO). Other activities include celebrations of Nepali festivals with the aim of maintaining the uniqueness of Nepalese culture and tradition so that no one feels like being away from home.



President: Uddhaba Raj Pandey

Vice-President: Sirjana Karki

Secretary: Manish Aryal

Treasurer: Prajwal Upadhaya

Cultural Coordinator: Bijaya Laxmi Rai

Co-Cultural Coordinator: Aastha Thapa

Public Relation Officer: Manuka Adhikari

ISO Representative: Megh Poudel

Web-Master: Asim Neupane

Sports Coordinator: Real K.C

Event Coordinator: Govinda Sapkota